yellow cosmos flower close up photography
Photo by Rahul Pandit on Pexels.com

Yes! You’ve read it right! I would like to welcome myself to this blogging world. It’s been many years now that I was thinking of stepping in this world. I don’t know exactly what inspires me to write but I feel I’m more comfortable in writing down my thoughts rather speaking them out & lately my mind is a huge mess of thoughts. So yes! Here I am trying to take those all out in the open.

This account has been here sitting idle in my phone for last three to four months .. I was trying to take that step of publishing something here but I’ve always been the girl who thought what the people would say before taking that one step I would love to take! But sometimes things happen which forces or motivates you to go against the wind & here I am now trying to do what I was inspired to do for a long time. This is me candid & inspired. Welcome to My World💖 !

7 thoughts on “LET’S WELCOME MEE!!

  1. I m so glad to see u r finally doing something u have wanted to do for so lonnnggg!!! I cant really think of nething much to say other than our all time favourite dialogue:
    “Ja Simran ji le apni zindigi”💃

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