Love Yourself First!


One can only love somebody else wholeheartedly if he or she can Love themselves first! According to me this self love can really initiate SELFCARE.“Self care” is an innocent two syllable word but it can cause many to roll their eyes! Selfcare is a topic very close to my heart. Younger me would’nt give it much consideration but as one says Wisdom comes with age (its not necessary that I agree with the age part here 😉), with two kids & a full time job (believe me logon teaching is a full time job .. our minds just won’t stop!) I take this very very seriously. Firstly what exactly is “Selfcare” ? In my mind I have a very typical definition of it but to make things simpler & to actually make some sense, I took the help of good old GOOGLE to define selfcare. Yup! Our very own go to place if we are stuck somewhere .. According to Ms. Google (yes I would like to think of it as a woman because we like to think that we know it all! 😊 ) “ SELF CARE can be defined as any activity that we do deliberately to take care of our mental, emotional & physical health.”


Many people think of selfcare as a luxury but it really is a necessity in todays time. With kids, home & our job obligations we usually put ourselves at the back seat. We forget that if we will not take care of ourselves we can not do justice to our kids, homes & job chores. So, I would advice you to take a step back & reflect what can give you that boost to carry out all your responsibilities in the best possible way? It can be anything from reading a good book, talking to your long lost childhood friend, taking a walk on the beach or going on that long due holiday! .. anything that will give you joy & refresh you to take life heads on!! For me this boost can be provided by a simple phone call or meet up with some of my friends, having a cup of coffee by myself in a café or catching up with family back home. Simple things in life usually helps us go a long way!


Selfcare gives you the ability to pause your day to day routine .. to take a break from the worries of life, indulge in the things which you love or which refreshes your mind & your mood. After getting refreshed we can always go back to finish that pending assignment, giving it our 200% rather than 50%. Taking a break will improve the quality of your work, can put you in a good mood & is very important to build good relationship with your family & friends! .. Cut back the negativity from your life or at least try to do that, unfollow those trends or people in your life or on social media which gives you anxiety .. Follow people who brings a smile to your face 😊


SO people take that break which you really wanted to take for a long time now, make yourself the priority, love yourself first so you can give love to everyone else in your life, Call up a friend (a good friend is your biggest investment! .. do invest in it 😊 ) Go to the movies or simply have a cup of tea with your friend & chat your worries away or get a take away(for me good food is the key to my good mood). Take care of your selves, you have a long way to go .. Have a blessed & happy life!!

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