Hey!! .. hello everyone, It’s been a while that I’ve not used my blogging space at all. Despite wanting to write & having so many ideas to write about, I had not been able to even open my blog at all since my last post, which I agree is not good at all. What to say .. life has been a roller coaster these past few months with Ramadan & children’s final exams, Eid .. and the End of the year work (or maybe I was being Me .. that is lazy  ! ) .. yeah I know the year is far from ending right now but being a teacher this time of the year we are busy with winding up our class rooms, all the paper work, packing and shifting of things from school to home. I tell you this feels like winding up your home. You know that feeling when you feel that you are packing away your memories in a box. All the hard work we’ve put up in setting a classroom & all the materials we’ve created for our learners. All those memories.. all the happy ones, which felt like your success & all those as well where you felt exhausted & can’t wait for the day to be over .. Those all memories making you sad & happy at the same time. Ahhh!!! People it’s the emotional time of the year where we let go of the kids with whom we had spent the whole year with  .. or am I the only one to feel that way??!! .. as I am the emotional types!! .. argghh!! Too much emotions going on right now .. If any teachers reading this please tell me I’m not alone feeling this!!

Anyhoos!!! .. I’m back & I intend to be a regular here on this space (if I’m able to stop being lazy) .. Since the summer holidays have already started and parents are already getting anxious to prevent their children from boredom.. Yes, Already! .. But what actually this fancy word “BOREDOM” means? … Come let’s talk about boredom today in this blogpost. Boredom cannot effect children only but adults can also be get struck with it, quite frankly I’m a little scared also of sitting at home for two months & facing boredom but people at this time of the year I can say that, I AM READY TO BE BORED!!! .. This boredom can actually be good for our mental health .. How? .. Come let’s talk! .. In today’s busy world, this boredom is seen as a very bad thing, especially for children. We want our children to be occupied every time, which is actually not a bad thing to do but letting them being bored for some time or hours of the day can actually be beneficial for them. How? .. Hmmm … chalo thora google kertay hain (let’s do a little bit of google) .. Research has showed that being occupied every time does not allow enough “Child Led” play times for the kids. Now what is child led or child initiated play? It means that the children decides what to play, how to play & who to play with. This helps the child in their decision making skills & is very important for their mental and social development. Boredom can also give the children opportunities to think creatively & build their sense of discovery as well as imagination. It gives them the opportunity to think out of the box, to make new friends. They can not only figure out the plans to get rid of this boredom but are able to execute those plans as well. This can be of great for their decision making skills. So, let our children be bored for a change!! 

All these benefits of boredom will be applicable only if we as adults directs our children towards good & better options. If we will leave them on their own, this boredom will definitely cause some negative impacts on their mental & emotional health .For example; children as well as we adults have this tendency of doing things which can be harmful for us, when we are bored such as too much exposure to screens (be it your mobile phones or kid’s gaming consoles) can cause many negative impacts on both children as well as adults. That is why it’s important to not let the span of boredom be long enough that kids indulge in negative things .. Balance is the key people, bring balance to our lives!!
SO, let’s make this boredom part of our developmental routine, let’s channel our thoughts and our free time into creating something good & meaningful. I had read somewhere on the net, that you get the best ideas when your mind is empty and resting!! .. Come On, let’s make that cup of tea (or coffee), play some music & think our boredom away!!!!






11 thoughts on “LET’S BE BORED!!

  1. First of all …it was really nice to hear ur thoughts which u put down for others to read…second yes, as a teacher I also do feel the same n while we pack few things …we remember the things what we did with our students n how did they react to that…the feeling of packing things r like ur packing ur memories for a short period of time n when u r back in September n students come we r again blank n empty …but excited too

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  2. Great blog once again! I had a good time reading this, love how natural your thoughts come through your words 🙂 keep up the hard work 🙂 ❤


  3. Really nice to read it, agreed with your thoughts being a teacher and an emotional person… Informative blog indeed .. keep up the good work


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