Hello again my dear readers.. I know, I know I’m being late again although I’ve told in my last post that I will be posting regularly here but as the saying goes better late than never 😉 so here I am! but on a serious note, I thought that I would have ample of time to write during my summer break (yes guys! I’m on a break.. Perks of working as a teacher) as I’m not travelling this summer but but life don’t follow any plans or should I say, I suck at planning. I would rather like to take one day at a time. It basically is what makes me Happy!! .. So, although I had planned to be consistent on this space but things happen & I got busy in other things which were exciting & brought me happiness. Yes!! I think you are going to read the word “Happiness” a lot of time during this blog post as I have decided to write about it today. Haan jii tou come tell me what gives you Happiness?? .. It’s such a vast topic but today we will talk about what is happiness? & how to enjoy the little things in your life which can give you true joy! (Ahh! choti choti khushiyan!)
Happiness is a word which seems short & sweet but it holds a lot of meaning in everybody’s life. Everybody wants to be happy. This is the one thing which everyone wants in abundance in their lives. But how can you measure happiness? Which things bring you happiness? & how can you boost your happiness?! Sadly, we spend a bigger chunk of our time thinking or I would rather say over thinking about happiness that we actually play part in decreasing our quality of happiness. Yes! dear readers we humans have made “being happy” difficult & laborious. I believe that happiness should be simple & easily achievable!! How can you really make it simpler & satisfying, let’s talk about it ..


We have always read that try finding joy in the simpler things, like blooming flowers, looking at clear skies, in rain, a peaceful evening, a good night sleep & the list can go on & on & on .. but here’s the moment of truth .. are we really doing it? Are we really enjoying these little things in our lives? We the people are always chasing some dreams in our life, every single time & in doing that we are neglecting the small moments which are truly pleasing to us! It’s ok to set up goals in fact you should always have a goal in life to chase but in doing so don’t forget to appreciate those little moments of your life which will be good memories for a life time! Now what actually is happiness?? You can google it if you want but I think that Happiness is a state of mind!! & it can be different for person to person. The things which brings joy to me, might not be important to you .. so my friends go out & try to find YOUR own happiness. Try to observe & look around things, events or people that bring you happiness. Build your own happy tribe!! If u can’t than you can always take help of our good old friend Mr.Google. There’s a whole list of things / activities online which are scientifically proven to bring happiness to you. But again being happy is no rocket science, try to find it in a simple cup of tea, a talk to your best friend, help out a colleague, go on that long overdue road trip you might be planning & postponing it for some odd reasons, see your family spend time with them, indulge in some social work or the easiest of them all, arrange that wardrobe of yours (the end result of it will surely bring you a lot of happiness 🙂 )
There are so many simpler things that can actually benefit us mentally & physically! So, girls & boys let’s uncomplicated our lives, let’s stop making “being happy” a difficult & complex procedure. Try to smile often, don’t stress on little things (stress is part of life, it’ll be there in some way or other .. let’s try to deal with it head on!), take pride in what you have & what you do. Most importantly try to bring happiness in others life, in return you WILL find your own happiness! Always remember YOU are in control of the choices you make in your life. Choose wisely!! There are many blogs & articles online .. go & read them all, take info from them as a guide to live a happier & more fulfilling life. I had read it somewhere that “Nobody has seen tomorrow, today is what we have .. let’s make our today happy. Let’s be happy NOW!!”


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11 thoughts on “HAPPINESS CAN BE EASY!!!

  1. 😍HAPPINESS 😍is just reading ur post……what u think …one notification (nazish’s dairies) …n the link opens n just keep reading …we should grab all the good n best moments of today weather it’s small or big Which turns into the best memories of tomorrow n that gives us too happiness😘

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  2. Wow….amazing topic.I loved it like a previous post.Happy to see you again here.You are right we cannot explain happiness in a single word or moment.There are a lots of ways to enjoy happiness but in my opinion to spend quality time with friends like you is the best way to be happy.keep it up to write your post again.

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  3. A very good read once again! Now i wait for your next blog 🙂
    This read just made me happy 🙂
    You are such an inspiration i mean it! :-* 🙂

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  4. Read your post and feeling happy,the way you have expressed the emotions of Happiness in a couple of word.This shows your ability and mindset about the life you enjoy it. It is well said that
    “Happiness is not something you postpone for the future;it is something, you design for the present.”Always be Happy.

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  5. Wow a topic ‘Happiness’ & a flow of your writing zabardast 👌
    Yes, happiness is a state of mind which we feel & it can be anything which makes u smile from inner heart. I can completely relate with wardrobe one (an instant smile came on my face) i feel relaxed & happy to rearrange my closets.
    Keep writing & let us read something wow like this piece. Loads of love my beautiful friend ❤

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