ADULTING CAN BE FUN
Let’s be adults! .. Act like a grown up! Or, you are not a child anymore! These are some lines either you have said to somebody or have heard from someone. When we were kids, we wanted to be grownups. In our young adult life everyone wanted us to be responsible, telling us to act our age as we were not kids anymore. Everyone wanted us to be adulting at the best!! But what actually adulting or being an adult means?? Why every kid wants to be an adult? May be being an adult fancies them. I remember when I was in my teen being an adult meant freedom for me, freedom to make your own choice & your own decisions but this all comes with great responsibilities which I hadn’t realized at that time. Now, when I am an adult (been an adult for a very long time now) sometimes I really want to hide somewhere & tell the world I AM DONE BEING AN ADULT!! But it shouldn’t be this way. Why have we made adulthood so complicated??? .. let’s dive into it & try to figure out some difficulties of adulthood & how can we ease this phase of our lives.
What does adulting actually means? Firstly it seems like it’s not a regular word in English language, (it’s a fairly new gerund that stems from the use of word “adult”). I dig it up on net & some of the few definitions I found were that “it’s the practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult”. In one other place it was described as “An informal term to describe behaviour that it seems as responsible & grown up. This behaviour often involves meeting the mundane demands of independent & professional living, such as paying bills & running errands.” We as a society has setup some strictly defined rules for being an adult. However it can be subject & may differ from person to person but loosely its mainly focus to achieve following goals in life like getting through school, having a professional degree, getting that dream job which pays you well, fall in love .. getting married, have kids & then what?! You focus all your young adult life & then adult life pursuing & chasing these set goals to become that perfect responsible adult that you forget to enjoy the process & by the end after achieving all those things, the fatigue of it all makes you tired as hell & then you don’t want to be an adult anymore, suddenly you want an out from all the responsibilities. This should not be the case.

We have to realise that being an adult is a part of growing up & u can’t simply avoid it but you can surely make it fun!! Adulthood means more than paying bills & cooking at home. It means to make decisions which are good for your wellbeing & not the ones which someone expect you to make, it means to accept all your flaws & accept that life is not always rose coloured. It can be tough & you will manage to deal with it .It specially does not mean that you give up all the things which u once loved doing & follow some routine which is making you stressed & bored. Being an adult should not be boring. Let’s change that narrative & be that responsible fun adult which everyone else looks up to & wanted to be like.


In a society that glorifies the carefree culture of youth, we often disregard the search of happiness in our adult life & immerse ourselves in portraying the role of a perfect adult. By doing so, you often forget to enjoy this phase of your life. You start spending your life rather than living it. There cannot be any definition of being a perfect adult & especially there’s a no “how to” guide for it. You can only be a responsible one if you start enjoying this phase of life. It’s not necessary to make drastic changes to your habits, routine or spending a lot of money to enjoy adulthood. Often, we already have everything to enjoy life. It’s just a matter of priorities. So my dear friends do make your job, responsibilities, & duties your priority but don’t forget to add an element of enjoyment to it otherwise you will be, at some time compelled to say “ADULTING SUCKS!!”

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6 thoughts on “ADULTING CAN BE FUN!!

  1. I finally got time to read ur blog👍… I agree, we constantly try to deceive ppl around us by showing them our stronger self while hiding our most anxious pensive n immature childish side behind the curtains… life is all abt ups n downs n how we maintain ur composure during the constant juggling amidst the work, family n social lives while enjoying the whole process… so be cool abt being adult or even ageing cause even though its frustating still its a part of life..

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