Building Reading Habits in Kids!!

Reading can take you to places!!

Reading! .. Do u like to read? I know the world has become digital (now more than ever) but have you missed the feel of books in your hands? When was the last time have you read anything?? (not talking about Instagram captions 😁😅) I’m talking about books or newspapers or magazines .. anything?! I LOVE LOVE Reading!! I can spend my whole day, whole night reading a book or even surfing around reading articles from all over the world (I like to keep myself updated 😄) .. may be thats why I feel passionate about reading .. my goal is to become a good Reading instructor. When you are a teacher & in a classroom specially with an early year group who don’t have any idea how to read & after some sessions when u hear them try to read some words .. that feeling is purely magical .. its out of the world experience ( getting emotional here 😅)
Anyways our today’s topic for #teacherstuesday is “Building Reading Habits in Kids” .. Reading is the essential part of a child’s learning experience. Its the foundation if a child’s educational journey. The reading journey begins with the phonemic awareness, blending of the sounds to make a word, segmenting of words into individual sounds but we’ll not get into how to teach reading (feel free to DM if you seek any help for ur kids.) We are going to discuss how can we take our kids away from technology (for a while) & put books in their hands! .. we want go build the love of reading in them 💖
Firstly we have to realise that kids do what they see .. lead by example, create a reading habit in your homes .. start when they are young. Establish a regular reading routine, may be before going to bed or any time in a day. If they are young & still don’t know how to read, start with read alouds! Have some picture books for the kiddos & let them explore it, let them make stories of their own from those pictures! (You’ll get surprised what they might be thinking) Try to make the books easily accessible to your kids, lookout what kind of book interests your child & build your home library according to it. Have reading sessions as a family .. it’ll encourage the child to read as well. We can totally make reading fun by incorporating some fun & play activities to it or may be incorporate an art work along it ( according to your child’s intetests). As teachers we always want the parents to be involved in their child’s learning, get involved in their reading routines as well & where ever to find it hard or feel stuck .. discuss it with your child’s teachers. Remember that the parents along with the teachers makes an excellent team for the betterment of a child.
We can only develop the reading habits of a child by supporting them with love & patience only. Expressing your frustration to a child who is already struggling, can often make them struggle more & in return they would start hating it which we definitely don’t want to do! We want to build a life long love of reading in our children ( & students), this is the ultimate goal! Remember everyone likes to read, may be they haven’t found the book which interests them yet! Let’s find the books which our kids love to read .. let’s build a reading community, let books be our window to the world & let them take us to places .. we’ve never been!! LET’S READ 😃📚

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