“Balance For Better”- International Women’s Day 2019


Balance in the matters of life & in world is the key to stability, or should I say balance the better; better the world! Every system works better as long as it maintains the state of equilibrium. In order to maintain & establish this equilibrium, the issues of the society must be resolved within the norms and accord levied. These social issues are the driving force which is responsible to shape up the socioeconomic situation of any country or a society. Women are the integral part of any society. We make up approximately 49% of the world population. Women should not be ignored or treated un equally, if we want to make an impact as a society. In many parts of the world, women still don’t have the equal rights or opportunities as of their male counterparts thus causing an unbalance or instability in the society. This gender discrimination or gender inequality has drastically augmented in the past, ultimately disturbing the social balance of our societies & ultimately of the world.


A lot of efforts has been put in to curb or minimize this worsening situation of gender discrimination / gender inequality but believe me, we still have a very long way to go!! The theme for “International Women’s Day” this year is “Balance For Better” which once again gives hope & inspiration to all the women across the globe. This hope binds us together to look up to some of the brilliant Women in the world who had excelled in their fields & are continuing to do so. These Women inspires us & gives us strength to go that extra mile & try hard to achieve our goals in getting the equal rights & creating the balance in the world for ourselves.


The prosperity of our society is directly related to the gender balanced world with equal number of opportunities offered to all genders. The negation or any sort of decrement in this can have profound impact on all of us. As this is the era of technology, we can utilize the technology such as social media for our benefits, by using it to generate awareness about the gender equality via blogging or by creating the platforms for women only where they feel secure & confident to share their fears, challenges or ideas among other women so that they can motivate each other in achieving their goals. Women must now need to build the balance in the society for themselves. Gender equality is not only beneficial for the women but it can cause a positive impact on our society which will only bring betterment to the world.


On the other hand Women who are given the opportunity, are making a great impact on the society. They are truly responsible & are capable of maintaining the balance in the society. They are maintaining this balance between their professional & private lives. Women when provided the chance, can blissfully pursue their careers along with taking care of their families giving them the quality time they deserve.
We as women are responsible for making this world a better place for our children so that they don’t have to strive to seek that balance which we are trying to create in this world today! On this International Women’s Day we must collectively portray the strong message of gender equality in economical, industrial, social & political sectors. We must try to get the equal opportunity to grow in all sectors & show cast our abilities in effective manner to prove that this balance is surely for better! .. So let’s all come together whether be a male or female & pledge on this International Women’s Day, that we all together will support gender equality & try to bring balance to the World.IWD5